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Already the world's largest importer of defence equipment and related products, India continues to take resolute steps to modernise its armed and paramilitary forces. The latent but real security threat, both external and internal has reinforced India's endeavour to equip and train its forces with the best accessible equipment and systems.

India has had the distinction of being one of the largest importers f defence equipment for the past many years. While this trend is likely to continue for the next few years, India is now actively seeking to boost arms exports 20-fold within a decade to reach $3 billion. This push, if successful, would transform India from being one of the world's biggest importers into a major seller of defence equipment.

Make-in-India is one such initiative With the active support of our editorial team comprising of senior and internationally highly respected, writers and includes senior, now retired generals, admirals and air marshals, diplomats as also those who headed security and intelligence bureaux, we have built a reputation as the leading platform for the fastest, most accurate news and analysis in India.

The idea of going 'Digital First' was not new. We have been experimenting with the idea - with the intent of publishing news, analysis, stories online as quickly as possible, without worrying about holding the stories for print editions. Today 'Homeland Warriors Digital' is no longer 'Work in Progress'. We can followed on all forms of digital media, be it the on your Mobile Phone, Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

Homeland Warriors aims to connect with India's large establishment of 'Homeland Warriors', be they from the three wings of the armed forces, or Paramilitary Forces which constitute the nation's collective armed sinews. Every day we cover topics related to Defence and Homeland Security matters and highlight features such as the soldier-as-a-system, weaponry, training and tactics, ground, sea and air transportation, logistic support, medical cover, special kits & gear, surveillance systems, communication, command & control and various high-tech systems which is the sine qua non of the Homeland Warrior.

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